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List of the Top 10 Medium Publications in 2024

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On Medium there are 4,500 active publications.

Unfortunately, Medium leaves writers in the dark about the top 10 publications.

So I did some research for you and compiled a curated list of the top 10 publications on Medium in 20204.

Be finally seen and read on Medium!

Qudruple your followers and earnings when writing consistently for one of them.

This free resource gives you an overview of the Top 10 publications on Medium.

Print out the list as a guide and mark the publication/s you want to use consistently - simply because you like to write about that particular theme, topic, or niche or you're an expert in that field.

You can also downloac the list and click on the publication/s you want to become a writer for. I link to all 10 Submissions Guidelines.

It's the list I would have needed when I started writing on Medium.

What are you waiting for?

Go, get read and seen in your niche!

P.S. How do you get it for free? Just put a 0 into the field "Name a fair price" and hit "I want this!".

💎 Don't take my word for it. Here's how valuable this list is:

"Thanks Kristina...nice one everything in ONE place. YOU ARE A STAR!!" Eulyn Webb

"I appreciate the time you spent gathering this information and including links to each publication’s submission guidelines" Wendi Gordon

About Kristina God

She's a Top Writer on the buzzy publishing platform

She's a part-time writer and content creator, the co-founder of SCM, and owns a 5-figure online business with her business partner.

Kristina was featured in Medium's biggest publications such as Better Marketing, Writing Cooperative, and Start it up.

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  • List of the top 10 publications on Medium
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The list of the top 10 Medium publications in 2024

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List of the Top 10 Medium Publications in 2024

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