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Adobe Firefly Prompt Guide

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I’m shocked at how realistic Adobe Firefly is — with a much higher resolution compared to DALL•E and Midjourney.

It’s the most advanced AI image generator in the world, becoming one of the go-to sources for any writer and content creator looking for unique images.

I'll share with you the SDOS-framework to prompt efficiently - without feeling frustrated about the results.

This prompt guide is fun and shows how to prompt Adobe Firefly to get unique images with ease.

Let’s hop right in, explore 26 groundbreaking examples, and create kickass AI image-generating prompts.

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💎 Don't take my word for it. Here's how valuable my prompt guidance and inspiration is:

About Kristina God

Kristina is a (journalist turned) marketing professional, part-time writer, and content creator.

In addition, she belongs to the Top 1,000 writers on the buzzy publishing platform Medium where she shares her learnings and tips on a daily basis.

Kristina was featured in Medium's biggest publications for AI and marketing such as The Generator, Technology Hits, Generative AI, and Better Marketing.

💎Table of Contents

Adobe Firefly - Things You Need To Know

  • Get started
  • Be specific
  • Be descriptive
  • Be original
  • Be sympathetic

Effective Prompts

  • YouTube & Medium tutorial
  • Prompt Testimonials
  • 26 prompts from the YouTube tutorial
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Short and sweet Adobe Firedly prompt guide to craft kickass AI image-generating prompts. It's a clickable PDF with tutorial video and further resourcesto dive in deeper.

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Adobe Firefly Prompt Guide

32 ratings
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