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Grow Your Substack Checklist 2024

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Want to grow your Substack subscriber base fast?

Let’s talk about the secret sauce on Substack— recommendations from other fabulous authors.

The way it works is newsletter authors can recommend other newsletters they enjoy.

Currently, over 120 other newsletters recommend my newsletter 😱 and I gained more than 900 subscribers from their recommendations.

25% of my more than 3,300 subscribers come from recommendations.

Friggin’ bonkers, isn't it?

This value-packed checklist will give you the high-level strategies you need to grow your Substack.

Plus, the confidence and clarity to fast-track your success on Substack while making other writers happy as well.

It's the checklist I would have needed one year ago when I started writing on Substack.

P.S. How do you get the checklist for free? Just put a 0 into the field "Name a fair price" and hit "I want this!".

About Kristina God

I'm a marketing professional, part-time writer, and coach, the co-founder of the 5-figure online business SCM (Super Creator Media) with my husband.

In addition, I'm a busy and loving CEM, a Chief Executive Mom, of a baby girl and a toddler boy.

However, thanks to my short, sweet, and valuable stories, I'm a prolific writer on the publishing platform Medium and my stories get published in Medium's biggest publications such as Better Marketing, Writing Cooperative, Better Humans, and Start it up.

💎Table of Contents

  • 10 Essential Criteria To Grow Your Substack
  • Turn Your Substack Subscribers Into Superboosters in 4 Steps
  • Step 1 - Scour Your Email Inbox
  • Step 2 - Check the Publication
  • Step 3 - Collab Request
  • Step 4 - Become a Superbooster
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Short and sweet Substack Checklist to learn how to grow fast with Substack's recommendations engine. It's a clickable PDF to dive in deeper.

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Grow Your Substack Checklist 2024

5 ratings
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